Friday, 21 August 2009


1 year ago I signed the papers and became “Mrs.Kohlrausch”! But the celebration day that make it official to everyone (with white dress and so on) would be today! On August 21st!
But I had to cancel it because another “party” needed me this early April & May!
Well this “party” almost “crashed” my life! It almost cost me a divorce even before the ceremony!!!

My almost-ex-husband send a message to Per: “Next time we will get married on your stage!” Well, it could be a good idea as I chose “Church of your heart” song to enter in the church!!!
The wedding was transferred to 2010… same date… but I must check Ge$$le and Fredrik$$on $chedule$ before planning it officially!

All Roxette fans are invited by the way!!! Send your directions that I send the invitation!!! My wedding list will be on ebay or tradera!!! Hahahaha…

It’s also planned to be a big rox party (of course, my favorite music!) with a bit of Madonna! Why? Because there will be a Madonna Sticky and Sweet Cover Tour Performance on my wedding! YES I’m a little bit crazy… as everybody know… Claps to Veronica Pires, the official Madonna Interpreter in Brazil that will give us the concert as wedding present!

About the date… Coincidence? Hmmm… “Do you believe in accidents?!”
Have fun, be fan (atic)! Leave! Breathe!

civil wedding get together in 2008.

Veronica Pires, Madonna Brazilian Official Cover in 2 moments: Sticky and Sweet Promo tour, named as "Lollypop Brazilian Tour 2008" and during her new Tour "Sticky and Sweet Cover Tour - South America 2009." She rocks!
Register: Never say anything near a report, could be dangerous!
PS.: Per sung "Church of your heart" on the Tour by the way!!!

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