Thursday, 24 September 2009


Once upon a time, there was a party pleaser... over Europe... again...

It was the 1st spring day here in the south hemisphere... flowers even in the moon... Gessle finaly announced his DVD was ready! Feeling so proud of it, he posted the path to the trailler on his twitter...
Thousands of fans watched it... I couldn't because I was at my work... no facilities in my computer there.
Suddenly I realise my email box and twitter had more messages than usual... what's happening? Gessle in Brazil?!? Roxette in Brazil?!? NOTP in Brazil?!?
When I checked the messages... a "p-p-p-p-panic face" came out...
So I checked my fave rox site,, and there was me, in a screenshoot from the trailler... w-o-w-!
So I counted the minutes to come back home... as I was "the devil" in a "halloween party" this weekend, I almost send my boss to the hell... hej! I must go back home!!!

Couldn't believe when I watched it... the trailler started with me... WHAT? Or as my british teacher used to say "beg your pardon?"
There was me, talking about my "Gessle tattoos", I think... about my Leif's tattoo (near belly button). Hmm... "dirty" report, asked to see it!!! Rsssss

Mini-Flashback-story: Ted's mom, Irene, showed it to Per in Halmstad, because I would forgot it again, like in 2007!!! He loved! -"wow look where Leif is!" (Åsa and Gabriel "4 President" also turned their heads to see it)

As I was with a Leif's button on my "picnic" scarf (made by Alison/UK to London concert... good girl!) I think I mentioned "there are Leif everywhere!"... "Leif is the king!"
It probably made Gessle laugh a lot! So I think my "testemonial" got the attention of our king! Still wondering why me and my brazilian friends in the beggining of the trailler! It's too good to be true that I still don't believe...!
Flavia (Recife) appears pointing to Leif's button in her t-shirt and doing "the v pose"! Her aunt (Recife) and Grasi (Po.A. too) appears also laughin with Jaque (Sao Paulo) and Dr.Bruno! (Sao Paulo). Where was Marcilio & Tati (Brasilia) btw?

Well, after many sweet messages from my friends, I believe it! The feelings? Well it looks like I won in the lottery!!! Among thousands of Gessle wonderful fans, I was chosen "to open his trailler", what should I say when I can't find the words... well with humility, I say it made me very proud and happy! You can see the fireworks in my eyes from miles away!!! Another cinderella's days in the wonderland called Sweden! "Hon vill ha puls!!!"

Oh Per... YOU ARE -DEFINETELY- MY KING! Always surprising me... "every day, every night, I sing la la la la la"...

With my sence of humour... it makes me think in a Mastercard add:
U$2000 on airplane tickets...
U$800 on Gessle CD's & DVD's...
To be on Gessle DVD... priceless!
*** "Dany travelled to Europe using her Mastercard! What about you? Send your story!"

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