Thursday, 4 March 2010

MR. NIPPLE 2009!

Mr.Nipple Contest

During Party Crasher European Tour, in one of that funnies backstage moments, Åsa took Per's camera and started to film boys changing their clothes after the gig! Yes, we could see some naked scenes on Party Crasher videos!!! hahaha...
So our brilliant Åsa Nordin-Gessle started a funny contest: Mr. Nipple 2009!
Clarence and Christoffer promptly joined!
Trying to give a special present to the grown-up "Gessle-Girls" formally known now as "groupies", she tried to film her husband without shirt... but the man is really fast (and shine!), so he covered himself and said a condition to film him:
-"Girls first, girls first..."
Of course Åsa said noooo... Then, no deal, no scenes... wait... we've got the scenes!
His fans are really smart and found a way to include him on the Mr.Nipple contest!
Ladies and gentlemen... gessle-girls and groupies...

Mr. Nipple contest winner: PER GESSLE!!!

*(images from Gyllene Tider 25 years DVD Concert, from 2004.)
Did you think you could hide from us Per? Noooo... we follow every step you take! We love yah! ;D

Mr. Nipple contest 2nd & 3rd places:

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