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It looks like Abba... but it's not!
The Swedish Abba Official Cover caused a big confusion in Brazil during their new world tour.

"It was the beggining of may... I was relaxing at home, watching TV in the weekend when suddanly an add anounces ABBA in Brazil! W-H-A-T? They are back too? Just like Roxette? So Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad "Frida" were back... and in Brazil?"

During the next hours from the tv add, this was what all Abba and also Roxette fans were thinking!!!
The add caused a lot of confision in the whole country! Even in the press and among Roxette fans!

The producers that brought the group to Brazil dueing the indentical image and voice from the girls Katja Nord and Camilla Dahlin and also for being 2 original members from Abba band in the band,"sold" the concert as the Original Abba... so you imagine how confuse it was to everybody!

During this mess, one of the brazilian producers was arrested for fake add.
Folha SP, Diario de Pernambuco, H2FOZ,

But nobody was caring about it. The audiance was just excited to enjoy ABBA TIMES!
So all concerts from the Brazilian Tour were almost sold out in all cities!

May. 13, 2010 / 10:00 pm Goianai, Brazil /(Sol Music Hall)
May. 14, 2010 / 10:00 pm Belo Horizonte, Brazil / (Chevrolet Hall)
May. 15, 2010 / 10:00 pm Recife, Brazil / (Chevrolet Hall)
May. 16, 2010 / 05:00 pm São Paulo, Brazil / (Virada Cultural)
May. 19, 2010 / 10:00 pm Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil / (Centro de Convenções)
May. 20, 2010 / 09:00 pm Brasilia, Brazil / (Centro de Convencões Ulisses Guimarães)
May. 21, 2010 / 09:00 pm Rio De Janeiro, Brazil / (Vivo Rio)
May. 22, 2010 / 09:00 pm Porto Alegre, Brazil / (Gigantinho)
May. 23, 2010 / 08:00 pm Curitiba, Brazil / (Teatro Positivo)

The concert was terrific! Just as good as the Real Abba! The girls rocked with their voices, looks and performances. You can get confused without closing your eyes! Was not the real Abba? Are you sure? Well who cares! They are great! Swedish do it better! The expensive ticket was worth!

I felt really satisfied after the show! It was my "1st Abba Concert" and I'm just waiting for another one! They got me as a fan! And as a fan, I couldn't leave without saying a hello!

With my swedish 3 kronor official pin and my swedish flag I went to talk to the brazilian manager (not the arrested one!) about the possibility to meet the band in the end. As I'm a member from the Brazilian Scandinavian Institute here and organize sometimes the international music day event (fool of Roxette & Abba music) I introduce myself and arranged a time with the band!

So here some photos from my meeting with them! They are really sweet! As I said some swedish words, they though I was swedish... and also my "swedih performance" during the concert caused this impression! (I learnt with swedish people to attend a concert shaking the flag!)

Oh, forgot to mention, dueing to my "performance with the flag" and all songs learnt by heart, they started to say "Tack så mycket" after the "Thanx" and "Obrigado"... FANTASTIK!

The girls helped me with some swedish words... and in the end we all sang Sommartider Hej Hej! Really funny... They are fantastic! By the way, the girls like Gyllene Tider too!!!

All the members are from Swedish and they live in Stockholm!

The VIDEO from above is from Dancing Queen, minutes before people stanting up from their chairs to enjoy near the stage. The swedish flag is mine!!! The same one from the photos! They loved! That's why they put together to the brazilian one, just like my other pin! Check on my jacket!


PS.: It was the first time I went at Gigantinho Arena after the memorable Roxette concert on may 6th, 1992. I confess that the arema looked smaller this time but I'm sure that I look bigger as I'm not on my teens!!!

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