Friday, 30 July 2010


Hej folks,
As some fans are planning a pleasant evening at Leif's Lounge I decided to create this "invitation" to spread it easier! Let's have fun and be fan together!!!

So if you are going to ROXETTE GIG at Halmstad on august 14th, let's "start our engienes" on august 13th!!! Hahahaha... THANK YOU THE RACE LEGENDS FOR THIS ROXETTE BONANZA!!!

The event will take place at Per's pub called LEIF'S LOUNGE, located at the most charming Hotel in the cost of Sweden, HOTEL TYLÖSAND!

About the famous Roxette menu from the lounge: I'm waiting for an answer from Hotel Tylödand, Leif's Lounge manager to see if they could be able to serve us that famous Roxette menu! We have to be more than 25!
So... c'mon join the joyride everybody with a "small talk" meal!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hej Dany...

I am sure you won't mind, but I've added your poster to the Roxette Blog and a small article so we can circulate the meet & greet! Of course I credited the design of the poster to you, fantastic design as always!