Sunday, 11 July 2010


Hej folks, to the ones who are asking me for suggestions, directions and so... about ROXETTE PLACES TO GO IN SWEDEN, please check:

1) My FACEBOOK album:
SWEDEN 2009 (trying to edit & upload more photos with different places!)
If you are already my friend on Face, click here Danyela Etchart or add me! ;D

2) YOUTUBE channel: mrsgesslebrazil:
With that "famous" and funny movies with many tips about ROXETTE PLACES TO GO!
Per Gessle En Händig Man Turné 2007-part 1/2
Per Gessle En Händig Man Turné 2007-part 2/2

I'm planning to visit some places again and probably new ones are being planned for this 3rd trip! Rox friends are welcome to join me in this new joyride!
Ladies and gentlemen get your Roxette Sight Seeing ticket and... have fun, be fan!

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