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Today, I've got "weird news" from a friend who still works at the bookstore I used to work in the past (promoting roxette of course!) about a "NEW-OLD ROXETTE DVD" release!
I'll pick it up tonight, so further information about it later. But as I'm in shock, couldn't wait till there to tell you people!

Well I can say it's a DVD from Roxette Sydney Concert, in 1991, from Join the Joyride Tour. In the other hand, the photo in the cover is from "Room Service European Tour"!!!! The DVD title is "ROXETTE LIVE IN SYDNEY".

The label is an un-known company called "COQUEIRO VERDE". It seems to be a Brazilian label (portuguese name) but an information in the DVD says: produced in the US. Let's check it out later!

Track list:
Hot Blooded / Dangerous / The Big L / Watercolours in the rain / Church of Your Heart / Knockin' On Every Door / Things Will Never Be The Same / PAINT + INTERVIEW / Dressed for Success / Soul Deep / The Look / It Must Have been Love / Do You Get Excited / Joyride / Perfect Day / How Do You Do (video)

There will be also a CD about the concert, my friend said, but it's not available yet. The store already ordered some few copies from the CD "ROXETTE LIVE IN SYDNEY" too!

So, ch
eck the store site for further information about the DVD & CD ROXETTE LIVE IN SYDNEY 1991 (2009). The period I worked there, the store use to ship worldwide! So go ahead and try: (Let me know if someone needs some help!)

UPDATE 1: Coquerio Verde (green palm tree) is a record label from Brazil. It belongs to Erasmo Carlos, a famous songwirter and singer from the 70's, 80's... The label is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. SO YES, IT'S MADE IN BRAZIL!

UPDATE 2: Just as the one reviwed on roxetteblog last month, the quality of this "new" Roxette Sydney DVD is very poor... during 'Watercolous in the rain' (one of my favourites from the concert btw) it gets worst... don't know why?
At least, they didn't do mistakes about the year! December of 1991 is mentioned. But can't say the same about the picture on the cover!!!
This concert also doesn't have the interviews from Live-Ism, only Paint + interview & signing sessions.
As it's a 'MADE IN BRAZIL' DVD, the release in the back cover is in Portuguese and the system: All NTSC! Translation folks:
"Recorded live at Sydney Entertainment Centre, in Australia, in December of 1991, this concert brings the major hit singles from the Swedish duo Roxette, with Marie Fredriksson on vocals and Per Gessle on guitar (WHAT? So he didn't sing on this show???) playing success like: 'Dangerous', 'The Look', 'Joyride' & 'It must have been love'.
Track list:
1. Hot Blooded
2. Dangerous
3. The Big L.
4. Watercolours in the rain
5. Church of Your Heart
6. Knockin' On Every Door
7. Things Will Never Be The Same
8. Dressed for Success
9. Soul Deep
10. The Look
11. It Must Have been Love
12. Do You Get Excited
13. Joyride
14. Perfect Day
Bonus Track: How Do You Do (video)
Title also available on CD!

I'm wondering about the CD audio. News coming soon about it!
About the record label, Coqueiro Verde, it's not so "un-know" here, other releases from them: Britney Spears for the record, Avril Lavigne, Kylie Minouge 2008 Tour, REM, The Who, The Beatles Live a Budokan 1966, Eric Clapton...

In September 30th, roxette blog posted about a new Live in Sydney DVD released, called "JOYRIDE IN AUSTRALIA 92″. (Just for the record, the concert happened in 1991, but... anyway). 'The man from Roxette' confirmed on twitter what all fans already knew: it was FAKE! Check the other BOOTLEG DVD RELEASE on:

Question: Is it a Sydney "new influenza" around the (rox) world?
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Danyela Etchart said...

The Brazilian DVD is a great stuff to your collection! Don't miss it! It's pretty rare nowadays a "roxette made in Brazil stuff", so, it's worth! I just loved how it was on my DVD shelve! By "children" have a new member in the family now!!!! Rsss... Have fun, be fan!

Andrew said...

hello.. i am Ndru from Jakarta, Indonesia. how do you do.. i am a crazy fan of Roxette, unfortunatelly i didn,t see their live performance in Jakarta coz i was still a kids. i am so desperated. in my country there is no roxette live album and so hard to find it. i've been looking for in other country such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand but still could,t find it. lucky you are there girl..