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S.O.A.P. STORE - LONDON (English)


CONTACT: 22 Hanway street, London, England, W1P 9DD - Phone:0171-637-8934
ROXETTE RELATED: PER GESSLE DID S.O.A.P. ALBUM COVER AND PHOTOSHOOT INSIDE THE STORE, IN 2005. (page 85 of my up-coming book! Already aproved by an editor in Brazil!)

One of the coolest vinyl and related second hand stores in London, On the Beat store was known in the Roxette world because Per Gessle was there in 2005, to photograph to his 2nd solo album in english, Son Of A Plumber - S.O.A.P.(*)

The store is locaded in a "short path" called Hanway Street, which connects one of the famous streets from London - Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. The road is very narrow if compared with the others 2, so this is the charm of the place. In its extension, there are independent stores including two record stores, a bar, a DJ store, hair salon and a jewellers.

The second hand store has many hard-to-find stuffs like LPs, 12", 7" and some CDs and singles. You can also find many old magazines, newspapers and collectors items like: t-shirts, posters, bottons... All the stuffs you can find in many shelves decoreted with old newspapers around the 2 rooms and also "hanging on the walls"! Yes! The "decoration" takes you back to the 80's! Really cool! Only one advise: if you are allergic to dust, please take a mask with you!!! Yes the store also has Roxette LP'S and singles and also Gyllene Tider! Gessle influence after 2005? As Per always says, "Who knows!"

The owner told me very proud his store became more famous after Per Gessle was there. He mentioned the shop has being visited by Roxette fans since 2005. He had a SOAP CD (sent by Per) exposed next the cashier. When I entered in the store and asked him if I could do some shoots he promptly said yes and showed his SOAP CD! He put the CD on (very loud!) when I was filming the place and also said a "hello to Per Gessle" during the movie! Great man! Very patience with the fans by the way!

"MESSAGE TO PER": 'c'mon' Per, sent him a SOAP LP too as the store is a vinyl store! The LP is missing he said!

So if you are in London, please don't miss this "Roxette Place!" And if you really are a “Gessle adicted”, you should buy a Tom Petty LP(**) there!

Here some ideas to great photos on it! As always... Have fun, be fan!!!

To my non-rox-friends:
(*) Why S.O.A.P. as a name of the album? Because Per's father, Kurt, was a plumber! Then he's a "Son Of A Plumber" of course! His son, Gabriel Titus Gessle, for exemple, is a "Son Of A Singer!" Rsss...

(**) Per Gessle has a Tom Petty LP in his hand in the cover of SOAP album!!!

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