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My second Per Gessle Solo Tour! My second trip to Europe! Including this time: UK (London) & Sweden (only Stockholm, Halmstad & Tylösand).This time Grasi went with me, poor girl, “almost die” with the my “speedracer timing”!!! But as I always say: Have fun, be fan!!! And to be a good fan, you have to 'pay the price of love'!
Pay the price in the rain, in the sun, in the cold (and very cold!)… The fan is always there… in the line very early (or maybe “sleeping in the line”!!!) with the fingers crossed (and arms with numbers!) to be at the 1st row! It’s on that place Per can see you and also sing to you: ‘I saw you in the crowd in the front row, when I met you, when I met you, I didn’t know what to do, when I saw you, I said… oh oh oh oh oh…’
So prepare yourself to the most amazing adventures of “Mrs.Gessle Brazil”... c’mon join the joyride everybody...

After 5 days enjoying London, day and night, Grasi and I woke up very early, had a big breakfast because it will be a long cold day in the line, and we left Canada Water (place where we stayed, at my brazilian friends apartment, in front of the commercial part of London, Canary Wharf, in the other side of Thames river!)
Wheater: Cold and cloudy
“Possible problems”: 01) The arena of the concert had changed and we are afraid of having problems with tickets (purchased in January 29th). From SHEPHERDS BUSH EMPIRE to O2 ISLINGTON ACADEMY (formally the CARLING ACADEMY) PHOTO 01 & 02

02) As it was weekend, the metro line Jubilee-line (the gray line) was closed because they are fixing it to the “Olympic Games!” (from now on I hate the Olympic Games!) So what was easy during the whole week turns into a hell! “Which bus should we take?”...“Which side of the street should we take this bus!” (because in London it’s all in the opposite side!!! Or as they joke: “In the right side!”) But in our 2nd day in London, we’ve been simulated many ways to go to the arena… (Good girls… “are doing it for themselves!!!”)
Well, in the end, everything went ok, except for the time we waited for the bus in an early cold Saturday!

Time: 40 minutes, but it was forgotten when we saw a 2nd floor classic-red-British-bus coming!!! It was 488 that drives you trough many tourist places in London!!! We jumped in the end of the line, at Victoria station, with a big bag full of Per’s presents, Brazilian hats to the band, posters and bands, food… hello… we looked like Gypsies! Have fun, be fan! So we took the Victoria-line (the blue line) and then the Northern-line (the black line) to arrive in Angel station!

Coincidence: In 2007, a Brazilian–British friend Aline, had taken me to enjoy the best cookie in London! Coincidently in the mall where the Arena was! So ‘I paved the way… the way for a party pleaser!!!’ Well don’t ask me about the cookie because my hungry this year was only PER GESSLE!!! PHOTO 03

We arrived at 10:30 and believe: there was 1 person in the line! Erik Johansson (yes... again! In 2007 I was always the 2nd in the line! But wait, in Varberg he didn’t go, so I was the 1st!) Anyway, he is a sweet fan that left his teens when Roxette turn into 20! He tries to look like Per Gessle! He and his girlfriend are 2 typical Swedish! But he said: “Hello you fool I hate Swedish!??” W-H-A-T-? I think he’s watching “Fucking Åmål” too much! So I didn’t hesitate to propose an exchange… like school times! Per-fect! I'm probably watching “Fucking Åmål” too much because I love Sweden more than Brazil! But it would be a big problem for him when Gessle goes on the tour… not easy to cro$$ the ocean!!!

Well after him, Grasi and me, came a Canadeian guy, Cory, a Roxette fan since Look Sharp, just like us! Cory is also sweet and he loves London, so after the concert he would enjoy the city for one week more! (Yes London is wonderful! And you need at least 1 week to enjoy it! But even that not time enough! Next time I will come 1 month before… rsss I already told my friends!) Cory and I talked almost the whole afternoon! So the day passed by really quick for me! After us, came the UK girls... Alison… she brought a party (crasher) kit with her! WOW many party stuffs… balloons… a kind of “mini-fireworks”… with that shining papers inside! Also Leif’s buttons to everybody! Good girl! How sweet!
After UK came Belgium! What a coincidence, Ann De Vos, the same girl I met in Varberg, during EHM Tour 2007!!! After her, the Germany girls… they are really B-I-G fans… they are everywhere… in all concerts… in all cities… in all DVD’s… congratulation girls! I wish I could do the same, but unfortunately I live in the other $ide of the globe! Well, only an advise about: run more than them or you will gonna be hit! (Ask Grasi and Marcílio that was hitten by them!!!)Well after that gang, around 15hs, the other brazilian fans arrived: Marcílio & Tati, Bruno, Vitor, Jaque, João, Flavia and her funny ant! (Forgot someone?)


Oh… Also in the line: “hermanos” from Argentina! Wait, “no fights between Brazil x Argentina”… “Pele & Maradona”... this time!!! (Brazil and Argentina are the biggest “rivals” from South America! Always competing in something… it happens mainly in the football! A healthy competition of course! But we love each other! I love Buenos Aires! ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina!’… ‘Evita!’… Madonna!… oops…)

The bus with the instruments and staff, including the make up girl Lisa, arrived at 13hs. PHOTO 04

Detail: They had to wait for someone to open the door. Then we (fans) had to help knocking on the door and screaming! Around 16hs30 the band arrived! Martinique with baby Dedrick were the first to get out of the van, followed by mom Helena and the other members from the band! Pelle & Clarence were the most excited! Indeed they’ve got years of “keep on Roxetting!” Per & Åsa arrived minutes later in a silver car. Fans started to scream and "run to him" to take photos… so "guess-le" what happened when they came back to the line... Line? Which line? After us and Cory “the line” was gone! Later the securities came and organized the line! Thank God! PHOTO 05 (by Marcílio) I didn’t take any photo with my “tiny” professional camera because it was hidden in my bag. I was afraid some securities forbidden my entrance with it as they advertised everybody about no cameras!

Another problem: How to enter with that mega-big bag full of presents and… an Oscar!? (that might be considered dangerous!) So I encourage myself and contact D&D. Camila helped me and told me to talk to Per’s secutity in charge, Bo-Johansson. Later the security in charge from Islington came to talk to me and check my bag. Free to enter!!!! Yupi!

Lights, camera, action: Who appears? Sven Lindström, the author from Per’s official biography “At vara Per Gessle”. So I took a “fast-swedish-class-about-pronunciation” with Erik and went to talk to him! I joke explaining the fact I was asking for his autograph in a piece of paper instead in the “small and light pocket book” he wrote!!! (PS.: As everybody know, the book is huge and has around 2kg!!!) Minutes later during our chat, he said he wanted interview me... oh my Gosh! Here I go again... another interview just like in 2007! Thank God this time wasn’t in Swedish!!! (Last time I had to sing in Swedish to Halland Radio! Still laughing since then! I killed 'En Händig Man'!) PHOTO 06 / LINK 1: INTERVIEW LONDON:

Around 17h45 we heard some music coming from the soundcheck! Wow! Let the party begin!
Time to get in! Just… ruuuuuuun… Germany girls run over everybody! (now I got it... that’s why Schumacher always win... lol… “probably it’s something in the milk”!) I survived! The presents too! I stood “between Per and Christoffer”. (The tip is never stay in front of Per, because the microphone will be on his face in all photos!) After me, the other members from Brazilian Team! Amen! All survived to the “Spanish bull running!!!”

Some music started to play… a mixed tape playlist with some songs Per chose to play pre and post-show! If I were him I would choose Roxette!!! Rox On! Or maybe Party Crasher album as he didn’t play much songs from the album in the tour! Anyway, he has a good taste! Some of them you can find on my Ipod!!! Cult music btw…
I talked to the security in chief and asked permission to the to put the presents in a safety place. He said OK, took my bag and talked something on his radio. Some minutes later Bo-Johansson came to us and said Per won’t be able to has Grasi and I in the backstage. (Of course, I knew it, but I tried anyway because was Grasi 1st time!) He said he can handle our presents to Per and also take some photos from him with the presents! DEAL! PER-FECT!
So I gave the present’s bag and my “small professional” camera, praying for good photos from Per and the presents! And also praying to be able to use my camera in the concert. (During EHM Tour I needed a special permission from Pekey, Swedish security in charge, to enter with my camera in the 1st concerts!)

Well, before giving the bag I remembered to get the posters & brazilian hats (1 to Christoffer and 1 to Magnus - that during Tour rehearsals said on twitter he was looking for a hat! Remember?… I tweeted with him about it a couple of times and said I was bringing an “amazing” hat to him at London concert… he must need to find my brazilian flag so then he would find his hat! Something like Helena’s song: ‘Find my “flag” and that’s the way you find me!’)

Lights… “no camera”… action: Martinique entered on the stage (must say: a really cute guy!) and if he wasn’t married with Helena I would say he was gay, because he was “too perfect to be a straight!” (Sorry guys!) The music started and it looks like a playback! What a pure voice! He is really nice artist, different songs from what I was used to listen to on Sandy Mouche (his and Helena + 2 other guys band). I need to mention his "robo strange-dancing"! (Does he deserve an Oscar too?!?!?) But I also need to mention that it’s cult to do that on stage… check the indie-rock-bands from England!!! So maybe Martinique was doing a kind of “tribute” to that bands as he was in London… ok, but it was strange anyway! Rox fans are not used to this, Per & Marie are more traditional on stage! Imagine Per doing that kind of dance… Noooooot!
He started to film the audience! And of course the Brazilians started to scream and shout! Oh Brazilians… it could be us!

Martinique’s performance was almost ending and where was Bosse with my camera?! (security’s nickname!)… Meanwhile I bit all my black nails! So, like in a “Hollywood movie”… behind the lights… Bo appeared (smiling!!!) and with my camera on his hands! (I was really afraid because I though they had “confiscated” my semi-professional-filming-photo-camera! Probably when Per saw it he though: “oh shit… here she is again with her camera… more closing photos & youtube funny videos will come!”) Relax Per! You are PERfect as always! (Even after midnight or drunk honey!!! Don’t worry! I’m your fan! = more about it in Stockholm diary!)
PS.: He saw my youtube videos from 2007 Tour!

Bo also gave us 2 Per Gessle signed postcards from Party Crasher! Wow… don’t need to buy on ebay!!! Thank you Per for saving my money… at least on it!… But free tickets on the next tour would be great!!! Or a VIP list again will help $!!!! (Chistoffer included me on his VIP list in one of the many concerts from EHM Tour! Great Chri$toffer! That’s why he deserves many hats!!!!! Lol) PHOTO 07

We left Martinique singing on the stage and “jumped into my camera” to see if there was some photo from Per with our presents! When we saw... I giggled a lot! I forgot 1 carrot in the bag…

Explanation: we did some carrots to “throw” on Per during the concerts as a “protest” for not include ‘Silly Really’ (or as he said “Emotional Rescue”) on the Tour set list! Oh yeah, we also did bunny ears, but that ones were in our handbags!

So the motive of our giggles was some photos from Per with our carrot in his hand and laughing a lot! ('I’m so lucky' I always have photos from Per pointing or handing something and laughing a lot!!! He is so sweet… and cute… and… forget about!)
He also had in his hand a book created by me: “Att vara Per Gessle – En händig bok” by Dany! (a kind of “do and don’t” book with a trajectory of his life where I used only photos with his own handwriting to count the story and to give the orders! “Do this… Don’t do that…” YES a hard work!!! AND YES it seems I don’t have anything more to do!!! But I’m like a “Brazilian Bank: 30hs!” PHOTO NEW 08 & 09– BOOK

Per's presents included this time: a box (handcraft, made by brazilian Indians, really nice!) with an official Brazilian Football n°10 t-shirt, with his name on the back! (The same t-shirt Madonna wore in her Sticky and Sweet 2008 Tour in Brazil); a DVD with all Brazilian concerts and interviews from 1992, including the amazing concert from Porto Alegre (that Per and the band still talk about! Åsa always talk to me about the wonderful concert in my city everytime we met! She called me this time “Porto Alegre girl”… of course, she would never call me “Mrs.GessleBrazil”… hahaha). Also on the DVD, a teaser from Porto Alegre city; and… the last, but not the least… an OSCAR of THE BEST DANCER IN THE WORLD!… Yes… to Per! I confess that I was in doubt in the beginning when I ordered the Oscar, but them I though: it should be something very funny to take the attention of the spirituous Mr.Gessle! So as in EHM Tour I gave him an OSCAR of THE BEST SONGWRITER OF THE WORLD… I though I should be more spirituous just like him and think about something related to Party Crasher album… the cover… let’s dance… so it worked! Check the video where he is really proud of it… having fun with Pelle AlsingLINK 2: / FOTO 10 & 11 / FOTO NEW 12 & 13.

Back to Martinique, I got at least 2 or 4 photos before the concert was over! PHOTO 14 & 15
Again… we can hear the songs Per chose to play before the concert! Wow… enough! We want Gessle songs!!!
The concert: Ladies and Gentlemen… ‘Sound of music’ (intro song) started to play! Christoffer and Helena came to their places in front of us! I shacked my Brazilian flag to her as she screamed ‘BRAZIL’ in the youtube official video from the Tour, during the backstage of the last concert in Gent, Belgium. LINK 3:

She pointed me and screamed again: ‘BRAZIL!’ Christoffer and her recognized me from the EHM Tour! At least their face expressed it! (And it was true, they told me after the concert…) Oh my God! “Hey I die and go to heaven!” Oh yes… Per entered after the other members from the band and 'Dressed for Success’ started! PHOTO 16)
One more time… there was me… in front of my idol… in the other side of the globe… it’s priceless when you have Mastercard!!! Rssss. Per pointed in my direction!!! (I think because of the presents! Did he remember me like the other members from the band? Oh yes… but this is another chapter of the story… Halmstad & Stockholm 2)
I showed to Christof the brazilian hat we bought to him! He laughed and made an OK sing! So I insisted and say it was to him. So he said a “wow!” (I’m not sure but I think the members from the band are not used to receive presents from the fans… at least I never saw it).
Then I did a sign with my brazilian flag to Magnus, in the other side of the stage (very small btw!) and showed the other brazilian hat we bought to him! He remembered our twitter chat because he pointed to me and laughed a lot! I bet he was thinking: “Oh so this is the “amazing” hat she promised!?”
During ‘7twenty7’ I through the hat to Christof… and he “t-t-t-took it”! Took off his hat and put ours! Wow... fast like this! (He was probably crazy about our amazing hat!!! Rsss) PHOTO 17
I tried to film with my cute camera but always came a security asking to stop filming… shit! But I found a video on youtube… yupi! Check it out: LINK:
In the end of the song, Per talked about Christof new fashion hat! PHOTO 18 & 19

The Dialogue:
Per Gessle: - 'Christof, I see you have a new hat!'
Christoffer Lundquist: - 'Yes and much better than the old one!'
PG: - 'But I can see there’s something written on it!?'
CL: - 'Yes, B-R-A-Z-I-L!'
Grasi and I showed the poster: Brasil love Per! Helena shacked her tambourine (already in her hands to ‘I have a party in my head’ song). She said something like: “eeeeeee”
PG: (smiling, he looked at us!) - 'Yes I can see there are many brazilian fans here tonight! And I also would like to thank all worldwide fans here tonight!'
Sth like that… I was screaming and shouting after “brazilian fans”. And all members from the band pointed to us like Helena!
THANK YOU GUYS! THANK YOU PER! (AGAIN!) “YOU DOESN’T EXIST!” Which idol could be more generous like you?! Tell me because I don’t know! You are the king Per!

When I heard the first accords from ‘Doesn’t make sense’ (my favorite song from Party Crasher) I started to scream and shout and jump and dance… finally another song (and the last one!) from Party Crasher album!!! (Yes Per only included 2 songs from the new album!)
Curiosity: Not the lead single Silly Really!
Detail: The song was played as a ballad!
The light slowed down and turned into blue, everybody was quite and Mrs.Gessle Brazil… lol… was jumping waiting that now was the moment to lose her mind dancing! (like in 'She doesn’t live here anymore’,’ 727’ & ‘Opportunity nox’!’)
So after my “PERformance” in the beginning of the song, all members from the band, including Per looked at me… a kind of “the look” with a “hello, you fool, ballad song” meaning! What a shame! So I stopped to jump and did a kind of “ballad choreography”: hands to the left, to the right! Helena (in front of me) laughed so much! So did I! With a expression “now the penny drop” on my face!
Christof saved my night and in the end of the song rocking with his guitar! Now you can jump… dance… scream… Mrs.Gessle Brazil! “Christoffer Rules”! (As Ivan would say if he was there!)
‘Joyride’ started… last song from the first part of the show, and all of us from the front row “exploded our fireworks” (with that shining papers inside, by Alison/UK party kit!) at the same time! The 'fireworks' stuff did a big noise that Per and the band got scared!!! But then we could hear a “wow” coming from the stage! Per was shining more than the little papers!!! He got touched with our surprise! Well done Alison!

Break: “Guess-le” what started to play… more songs chosen by Gessle to play before-middle-after the show! Oh Lord… again!
They were back! ‘C’mon’ started and Per’s funny voice made me laugh! Alive was funniest than in the album! But he’s so sweet singing! Then I put my bunny ears! (Grasi forgot hers! Shit… I was the only one “to do the performance”… have fun, be fan!) but she helped me with the poster: ‘Silly Really’?!? (with some carrots drew on it!… like the one Per got by mistake on the backstage!) I think you can see us with the poster in one or 2 official youtube videos from the tour, during ‘It must have been love’. We also showed a poster: “Keep on Roxetting” during this same song and during ‘Listen to your heart’! PHOTO W 20 & 21 / LINK 5: / LINK 6:
Åsa appeared to film the concert! PHOTO 22
Break 2: And… “Guess-le” what started to play… again… I wish I could plug my ipod with party-crasher-playlist on the music central!!!
Last act of the show, so I trough the hat to Magnus after he entered on the stage. He took with the same movement Per did on ‘Hey Mrs.Dj’ video, and put it in front of Clarence keyboards! In the end of the show, Pelle used the hat! PHOTO 23
‘(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone’ started and Christof got crazy with his guitar and long hair again! Yeah he rocks! ‘Sleeping in my car’ was also fantastic! PHOTO 24
PS.: Also fantastic songs and good energies on the show: ‘She Doen’t Live Here Anymore’, ‘Opportunity Nox’ (that’s why it was included on the Live CD from the tour!) and ‘727’.

Oscar moment: It was on these songs that Per incorporates the “John Travolta” inside him and… DANCE! Good boy! Now he won an Oscar of the best dancer he can dance his rock’n roll movements very proud!!! Really sweet, but I must confess… he needs to watch more Timberlake videos!!! Probably that’s why Pelle & Magnus laughed when he shown the Oscar… But Per, don’t pay attention on that “jealous guys”… you are the best dancer and songwriter and… of the world! ("…" means: wait till the next tour! But try to “guess-le” which attributes of yours deserve another Oscar??! Wow! hahahahaha
‘Queen of Rain’ brought the cruel reality: The party is over! PHOTO 25
“Guess-le”: Gessle playlist started to play a-g-a-i-n-! Take a look yourself on the famous Gessle’s playlist on his site! (The songs were good, I was just having fun… because when you are anxious to see your idol, other idol’s music is the last thing you wanna to listen to! That’s it!) LINK 7: (Crowd Pleasers – Party Crasher Tour – MIDDLE!!! / BEFORE #1 & 2 / AFTER) / LINK 8:
Questions: Meet&Great??? Would Per have the fans for a signing session? Well, at least not inside the arena, informed the security in charge because there would be a party at 22:30. Party? What Party?! Hello… you fool the party had finished minutes ago! Per was the party that night! 'The Party Crasher'… 'The Party Pleaser' of the night! “Hey Mr.Security send the DJ and his f***ing party home!” We want PER!
So I saw the real Mrs.Gessle (Sweden!) that appeared one more time. I talked about the presents and the amazing ‘do and don’t’ book I gave to Per. She said: Helloooo… ooooh yes (…) She also told me Per would sing outside, near the backdoor (she described exactly which door would be! Great Åsa!) So I didn’t hesitate and run! As British pounds are too expensive for me, I didn’t stop at the merchandising store!

Goal: At least 1 photo with Per during this tour after crossing the ocean and canceled the wedding plans! Oops…
It was really cold outside… and everybody was wet after jumping the whole concert! Warming… influenza N1H1 was the “new fever in Europe!” Don’t get sick!

The meeting * BAND: The band appeared on the backdoor (Tack Åsa!), except Helena that after the concerts has a “VIP meet&great” with her young baby! Mom’s stuffs… you know! No maternity leave because the tour!
Christof & Clarence recognized me from the last Tour… priceless!!! Magnus came to thank the hat and talk a little bit as on twitter we could only chat less than 140 letters!!!
Pelle Alsing “crush on me” (someone have to do MP’s job!!! Rssss). He said I was the most beautiful fan ever (ok… pretend I believed! He must say it to everyone!) But he decided to say it also on my autograph, how sweet: 'To the beautiful Dany!' (Well in Halmstad he said also other things… ask Åsa and Grasi!!! But this is the next “spicy” chapter from my story…)

Christof autographed the other 2 missing Brainpool CD’s he forgot to sing during EHM Tour, in 2007. We chatted a little bit (because was impossible to maintain a conversation, to many people around!) He said he remember signing my Brainpool stuffs last Tour during our small talk! He also said Per and the band would love to go to Brazil to play! He said: “we must go to Brazil to play!” Ok... so “baby c’mon”! We are waiting for you! (When I came back I realized about the Roxette petition about Per, so that’s why Christoffer repeated so many times they should go to Brazil!!!)
Clarence came to talk about the Porto Alegre DVD we gave to Per. He said he was anxious to watch it because was an amazing concert for him too… we talked about how crowed the Gigantinho Arena (pg.261 Roxette Official Biography) was!

Explanations: The 1992 concert in Porto Alegre started about 2 hours late because the staff had to remove the background of the stage. The areana was SO SO SO CROWED that there were people behind the stage!!! The arena limit was 16.000 people and there were 18.000 people inside!!! Don’t askme how! And around 3.000 couldn’t enter!
As you could see people, in 1992 Roxette brought the trend of having a stage in the middle of the crowd! So it wasn’t Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears to create this trend!!!! Lol… it was Roxette in 1992 during 'Join the Joyride World Tour in Porto Alegre'!!!!

So I asked the band if Per had gave them the letters and some sweeties I made to them… “Guess-le”…
The robbery: Per kept all the stuffs!!! (Next chapter I tell about the band complains!!!) PHOTO 26
Bosse appeared! And “gently” said screaming and shouting that everybody should do a line, take only 1 collection item in hands (to be autographed by Per) and he also informed if someone disrespect the rules (“Bosse Rules”) he will “mark” that fan forever and never allow they to be close to Per again… Hello… something like: “Yes Sr. – Mr.Sr. – Yes Sr.!”… I’m sure after his “sweet” speech everybody wants to “Kill Bosse”… PHOTO 27
“Bosse Rules”: 'Don’t come close Per, don’t kiss Per, don’t hug Per and don’t take photos with Per!' That’s all? (Hmmm… when he said 'don’t hug Per', what the hell I had the impression the message was for me?!? Should I hear “don’t make funny youtube videos” too?!?!? Not!)
Well, Bosse missed one message on his speech: “Don’t breathe near Per!” Rsss… But don’t laugh, it’s serious! There was an epidemic of influenza N1H1 during the tour… so it would be more appropriated to say that instead of “don’t take photos with Per”! Hello Bosse we are fans! (Well I can’t breathe near Per anyway… so… no problem if he had asked! Rssss).

So we decided do not to take any risk and didn’t take any photo during the “F1” singing session. What a difference from Sweden! Please someone calls Pekey! (His security in Sweden. Bo is his international security, since Roxette times! I remember him in Porto Alegre, in 1992… a little bit sweeter! But “the same old Bo!”) PHOTO NEW 28 E 29
Ladies and gentlemen, the man from Roxette is here! Few centimeters from us! Per showed up when everybody was in a “cold” line. He looked like a “robot” (not doing the Martinique's dance!)… he looked the fan, smiled and head down to autograph the CD or collection item… and then we hear a “next” aloud from Bill, I’m mean, Bosse!

The meeting * PER: My turn… and again: Shaking knees, heart beating faster than in “puls”, out of breath… but this time I didn’t faint, thank God! (so Per didn’t need to hold me like in 2007! Hmm… I think “I should faint again next time!”) I was with 2 singles and a paper with all autographs from the band! Per looked me and smiled… Jesus! (not the Madonna’s one!)… it was a smile like in the “Mrs.Gessle Brazil photo” (2nd post of this blog)… a big smile! And ‘he said’:
Per: ‘Hello again!’
STOP! WHAT DID YOU SAID? AGAIN? Does he remember me? “…cause I remember you”... Suddenly I started to listen to that song on my mind! And also… “Hello, I was looking like a fool, but I love you!"
Viva! Per knows I exist since 2007 and remembers me… HOLLY SHIT! Now I almost faint! Got in panic, forgot everything I’d say!

Per always surprising me and leaving my out of breathe! After the “again” I almost faint and forgot everything I had planned to talk to him… But like in F1, in milliseconds I reprogrammed my brain to ask sth to him…
Dany: ‘Did you like the presents “again”? I saw you holding my book on the photo!’
Per: ‘Yeah, everybody saw it and laughed a lot!’ (giggles)

So I asked really fast about Porto Alegre DVD while he was signing “everything on my hands”, looking on my face (I probably looked pale again after his sweet words “hello again”) and answering my “fast questions”… at the same time… wow Per is a machine!
Per: ‘Y-E-S-! I loved the DVD! Anxious to watch!’
Then I continued about the DVD…
Dany: ‘In the last tour I gave you the CD and had promised the DVD. So here it’s! I hope you like!'
So before “pass by like a river of people in the line” I showed my newest tattoo to Per, the Swedish crowns on my right wrist! But I showed it doing the “v pose”…
Dany: Per, look!
And smiling he did the same “v pose” with his left hand!!! (It’s a pity that wasn’t time enough to take a photo, he looked really sweet… as always!!!) Laughing I said, pointing to my wrist…
Dany: No, look my tattoo!
Rsss how sweet! He though he must do the same pose as me!!! So with a shine-surprised smile on his face he looked it and said:
Per: -'The Swedish Crowns, wow!'
So then, the sweet Bo guided me to “the line exit”. “Kill Bosse Reloaded!” PHOTO 29
So, after my PG “pit-stop” I decided to stay in front of him taking photos as everybody was taking too. “Goodbye to you Bo!”… I needed more time near my idol! Because travel to Europe i$ not the $ame that walking in the park, you know Bo… So when I saw that the end of the line was coming, I decided to film and after the last fan, I got Per’s attention again! You know…“She such a good reporter!” (PR and Journalist!!! Yes!)
Dany: ‘Per… say hello to Brazilian fans!’
Per: (with a huge smile on his face!) ‘Hello Brazilian Fans!’
Dany: ‘I hope you like your Porto Alegre concert DVD!
Per: ‘Yeah, absolutely, Porto Alegre was a fantastic concert!’
Dany: ‘Coooooool’ (Thinking: Yupi I’ve got him saying the name of my small city!!!)
Pause: 3 more fans in the line!
Dany: ‘Per please Marie must sing in Stockholm too!’
Per: ‘Oh yeah, but it’s up to her!’
Dany: ‘Oh c’mon PERsuade her Per!’ (with a lot of emphasis on Per’s words)
Per: ‘hahaha good, ok!’
LINK 9: Per Gessle Party Crasher Tour 2009 Trailler

Well on this F1 running, I believe I had too many time with Per! I don’t know how many “seconds” or minutes, but I guarantee was worthy than hours! The few words I’ve changed with Per was worthy than a novel book! His sweet attention, he tried to remember every detail from the presents! And to pronunciate one more time my city’s name with his “foreign accent”: "-Portu Alägre" (Porto Alegre) … soooo sweeeet! Hi give attention to every fan!
Yes, Per is a fantastic idol! And if you are asking why wasn’t allowed to take photos with him this time, imagine the thousands of other idol’s fans in the world that ask themselves “when I would have a chance to meet my idol? When I would have the attention of my idol?” PER IS THE KING!

And if Per is the king… Brazilian fans are his loyal fans!
Have fun, be fan! Have money (or Mastercard!), be a joyrider!


More concert photos, please check portuguese version of this post:
* SOAP store, London
* Halmstad Concert
* Stockholm Concert 1
* Stockholm Concert 2
* “En Händig Trip 2007”

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