Thursday, 9 July 2009


I think everybody know my "Mrs.Gessle" jacket! So even Per and his crew! It was Linköping, Sweden 2007, En Händig Man Tour, 2nd concert, backstage...
I was waiting to meet Per Gessle. For the 1st time in my life a special meeting, just Per & Me! (Well I already saw Per (& Marie) in 1992 & 1995 during concerts and in 1999 during promo tour, in Brazil).
Because of my famous jacket and that hillarious photo from Per pointing to it and laughing a lot, my nickname between the crew was Mrs.Gessle Brazil!

In the end of my 16 minutes meeting with Per, I said to him I wanted a funny photo of him pointing to my special jacket (he hadn't seen it yet!). Well, as Per is a gentlemen he said yes and put a shine smile upon his face trying to guess what it was about. So when I turn I just heard a big laugh and some words: “woooow Mrs. Gessle!... Brazil!”
So as Per is the king! Now this is the law!

After the meeting, Pekey (Per's security in charge) guided me till my place in the front row! Per also pointed (still laughing) to me during to concert!
After the concert, while the staff was doing their job with the instruments, they also came to talk to me: “Hello Mrs. Gessle Brazil... you met Per Gessle! Congratulations!”. The guy from the merchandising store also said: “So what do you want Mrs.Gessle Brazil... We’ve heard about your met with Per, congratulations!”.

So here is the story of how “dyrox” became “mrsgesslebrazil”!!!

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gessleworld said...

jjaja adorei!!! Vc tem muito axé!!
Nós tamos trabalhando pra a mesma causa :P